Bling On The Shine (250 ml)

  • Captain Zack Bling on the Shine offers a stress & mess-free way to keep your dog clean and smelling fresh between baths. It’s a sulphate free, no rinse formulation is mild enough for daily use.
  • All Captain Zack products are Paraben Free, Fragrance Free & Vegan
  • Anti-Irritant, Anti Bacterial, Anti Fungal, Antiseptic
  • Natural Actives/Essential Oils: Lavender, Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Papaya and Coconut, Oat Protein & Wheat Protein
  • Moisturises and Conditions
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Animal Cruelty Free
  • USAGE: Spray gently on the fur and massage lightly. Gently wipe to remove dirt, grime, and oil. Repeat if necessary. Dry with a soft and absorbent towel and then simply brush, comb or blow dry. Safe for puppies over six weeks old.
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Aloe Vera:
AloeVera has been shown to have antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties, making it soothing to the skin. It contains prostaglandins, which may reduce inflammation, promote healing and alleviate allergic reactions.

Aloe Vera is recommended in the following situations:
1. Itch Relief
2. Sunburn Treatment

Coconut Oil:
We strive to create the best puppy shampoo and conditioners and Coconut Oil serves as one of our main ingredients. Coconut Oil protects your dog from illness and speeds healing. It also enhances your dog’s skin and coat, reducing allergic reactions, eventually leaving your dog’s skin incredibly soft.

Coconut Oil is recommended for the following reasons:
1. Itchy Skin
2. Minimizes Doggy Odor
3. Creates sleek and glossy coats

Veterinarians recommend Oatmeal baths as they have the ability to clean your dog’s skin and hair in an efficient manner without causing irritation, while also balancing its pH level. Our Anti itch dog shampoo with Oatmeal helps to solve uncontrollable scratching, which is a common problem noticed amongst dogs.

Oatmeal has anti-inflammatory properties, and is perfect for the following situations
1. Itching
2. Rashes
3. Tick & Flea Infestation
4. Dry Skin

Lavender is a recommended tool to prevent skin infections. It also helps heal wounds, burns, and ulcers. Lavender oil is also advised for dogs who are stressed out by bath time as it possesses calming and healing properties.

Lavender has the following benefits:
1. Healing
2. Calming
3. Insect Repellant