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50 ML Combo Pack

The Captain Zack Combo Pack, which includes each of our 4 variants, is a great way to try our entire range. Get the best of our natural active, essential oil induced paraben free dog shampoos and conditioners.


1) Shea Pleasure Sniffing You (50 ml)

2) Excuse Me, Fleas! (50 ml)

3) Barking Up The Tea Tree (50 ml)

4) Wassup Pup? (50 ml)

  • Essential Oils / Natural Actives: Our products contain essential oils and natural actives – Lemongrass Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Citronella, Aloe Vera Extract, Tea Tree Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Bees Wax, Linseed Oil, Almond Oil, Apple Extract, Green Tea Extract, Wheat Protein Extract, Oat Protein Extract, Papaya Extract and Chamomile Extract. When choosing natural actives for our products we make sure that the ingredients are safe for dogs.
  • Fragrance Free and Paraben Free: We‚Äôve gone to great lengths to ensure that our paraben free dog shampoo is devoid of harsh chemicals. The last thing you want is your pet‚Äôs skin to be irritated by the very pet care product that was supposed to condition and pamper him or her.
  • Less Foaming, Gentle Ingredients, Effective Cleansing
  • Anti-Irritant, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal and Antiseptic¬†
  • pH Neutralised: Ideal for Dogs (Pups/Cats/Kitten for certain variants)
  • Moisturises and Conditions: We strive to formulate the best moisturizing dog shampoo and conditioner along with other products that put your pet first.
  • Vegan and Animal Cruelty Free: Our products are vegan, animal cruelty free and not tested on animals at any stage of product development.
  • No Harmful Chemicals and No Artificial Fragrance
  • For best results:¬†Do not dilute the shampoo
  • Usage: Gently massage shampoo into the coat to form a rich creamy lather. Pay special attention to AVOID eyes. Rinse thoroughly; use regularly to maintain a healthy coat. We want to be synonymous with the best dog shampoo brand in India.
  • Delivery Time:
    2-3 working days for orders in Mumbai, India
    4-5 days for any other town/city in India

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